measure in love..

i am what i am not yet.

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adam wylie, ana gasteyer, anthony rapp, ashlee simpson, brett tabisel, broadway, college, dancing, daphne rubin vega, darryl ordell, dean armstrong, drama, east village, eugene lang, fefe dobson, guitar, hair, hedwig, idina menzel, jai rodriguez, jeff goldblum, julia stiles, kelly clarkson, kendra kassebaum, lennon, les miserables, magazines, marcy harriell, michelle branch, mtv, music, new school university, no doubt, norbert leo butz, orfeh, performing, playwrighting, poetry, pop, queer eye, raul esparza, real world, rent, road rules, rock, rodney hicks, singing, starbucks, the offspring, the rocky horror show, the village, the wedding singer musical, theatre, theatre district, tick tick boom, trey ellet, west village, wicked, writing, yassmin alers
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John Lennon is Love

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